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The June 2014 Reunion fully captioned photos are on the Photos page. Just scroll down to see the captions for each photo. (No captions show in full screen mode.) Enjoy! We had 56 attending, and had two Niles West teachers join us, which was neat.
The list of who attended is on the Who's Coming page.
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Our 70th Birthday Reunion was
June 28, 2014
when we celebrated our 70th birthdays together! The celebration was a casual night held in Skokie.

Event Co-chairs: Barb Graff Dorfman, Betsy Shulman Katz and Linda Levine Wiesmeyer.

Reunion Location was at Maggiano's
Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie

Please let Pat Fulkerson Larrabee, , know if your email address has changed in the last 12 months so you can keep getting our class emails.


On Nov. 13, 2012, thanks to our many generous class donors, our our class gave $5,000 to the District 219 Education Foundation, Niles West, for student aid. "It certainly felt good knowing we were helping the needy students, especially when we heard about 1/3 receive funding for their lunches", said Barb Graff Dorfman.

Shown right is the Foundation Treasurer, Barb Graff Dorfman, Mike Kiss, Chairman of the District 219 Education Foundation, and Betsy Shulman Katz.

Recent Profile and In Memoriam Additions

PLEASE help us find more Missing Classmates (click here). If you know what town or state any of the missing people live in, what occupation they are in, have their email address, phone number or Facebook id, please let know.

See our Facebook page Facebook.
Where we Live now - Counts by State

We now have a Veterans webpage to honor our classmates who served in the military. Please, all of our classmate veterans, list your service branch, rank, years of service, and other pertinent details in an email to , along with a photo of yourself in your uniform from those days.
January 1, 2019 - Latest stats on our class:

805 classmates are living.
102 classmates are deceased.
907 total in our class.
138 classmates are missing.
667 classmates have been found.
258 classmates and their guests came to the 50th reunion.
183 classmates came to the 50th reunion.
370 classmates have signed in and are on the Class Profiles pages. We have a very interesting class!
144 classmates are on Facebook.
  79 classmates have joined our Facebook group for discussions about our reunions, etc.
See the Class Wills (East and West) and the senior edition of the two newspapers, West Word and Nilehilite to the Forum page. More reunion photos are captioned now, too.
Also added Notes on what we learned in the Niles West tour.
More Sign-Ins, comments and photos are always welcome! This website will keep going and growing, even after the 50th reunion.
See the 1960-61 Student Guidebook (pdf): This booklet has a page on the history of how explosively District 219 grew in our day and shows detailed floorplans of both Niles East and West, plus course offerings and lots more.
50th Reunion Booklets: If you didn't attend the reunion and would like to order a booklet listing our veterans, our deceased, our donors and our living classmates with their address, email address and phone info, then please:

1. Make a check for $7.00 out to: Niles Reunion Committee 1962
2. On the Memo line of the check write: Reunion booklet order, or add a note to that effect
3. Mail the check to:
mailing address

Interesting links

Fun places, stores, restaurants, etc. in Chicago that are gone. Click all tabs at the top and scroll down each page.

Niles East High School makes a Comeback (Skokie Patch article)

Interesting YouTube video of 2009 Niles alum picnic At 2:38 they sing the East song; at 3:06 - photos of the East H.S. building, what Nobel Prize winners graduated from there, and what movie scenes were shot there.

Wikipedia history of Niles East H.S., words to the school song, etc.

Niles East Alumni Directory

Niles West Alumni Directory

Jukebox with 1962 songs that cycle continuously     Chicago pictures (Powerpoint)

Cars We Drove in the 50's and 60's     1950-1960's pictures (Powerpoint)
Niles East High School before the wrecking ball
    Niles East High School (1938-1980) before the wrecking ball in 1993

Niles East Trojan The Niles East Trojan
Niles West High School
Niles West High School celebrating its 50th anniversary

Niles West Indian The Niles West Indian

Where we are Living Now (Counts by State and Country) as of 6/25/2012

AR 2
AZ 29
CA 86
CO 10
CT 1
DE 1
FL 53
GA 9
HI 2
IA 3
ID 1
IL 323
IN 9
KS 4
KY 2
MA 4
MD 7
MI 4
MN 7
MO 10
MT 1
NC 5
ND 1
NE 2
NH 2
NJ 6
NM 2
NV 6
NY 6
OH 3
OK 2
OR 3
PA 5
RI 1
SC 4
TN 3
TX 13
VA 3
VT 1
WA 7
WI 17
China 1
Dubai 1
England 1
Finland 1
Greece 1
Israel 1
Mexico 1
Philippines 1
Scotland 1